1.) What can I expect when I arrive?

Upon your first visit, you can expect to arrive fifteen minutes prior to your scheduled time in order to fill out the initial evaluation paperwork.  If you have already filled out the initial paperwork, then arriving a few minutes prior to scheduled time will be fine.  Depending on your diagnosis, your therapist will evaluate and measure a variety of things, not limited to flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, posture, vitals, etc.  To establish an adequate history, you may be asked a variety of questions, and the therapist will created appropriate goals to reutrn to your level of function prior to injury.



2.) How long does an appointment last?

Appointment time may vary.  You can expect to be here at least an hour to hour and a half on your initial evaluation and likely not longer than an hour with subsquent visits.  If there is a specific time frame you need, we will do our best to incorporate that into your care.



3.) What should I wear?

Optimal attire would include comfortable, loose-fitting clothing with comfortable, supportive shoes.



4.) What if I do not have insurance?

Arrangements may be made for patients without insurance at a self-pay rate.  Payments plans are also available.



5.) Will I see the same therapist each visit?

The entire Sikeston Rehab staff is equipped to work with you at achieving your goals, and the environment is such  that all therapists will know your status and specific treatment plans.  However, if you are partial to a specific therapist, we will happily pair you with that therapist for your visits.



6.) I have Medicare, so what will it cover for therapy?

Medicare has a dollar amount cap for the year established for PT, OT, and Speech services.  We aim to be good stewards of your resources and make sure to preserve as many visits as possible for future use.  Medicare covers 80% of the cost of therapy once the deductible has been met.  Please see the patient education page for more information




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